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Argos TMS

Argos TMS - a single online platform for all your translation projects

Reduce your translation costs by upwards of 30% compared to standard CAT tools

Argos understands how difficult it is for our clients to coordinate and organize translation projects especially when managing multiple Language Service Providers and dozens of freelance translators around the globe.

That is why we developed a flexible online Translation Management System (Argos TMS), so you can:

  • have everyone use a single online platform to communicate, share and store project data,
  • have everyone use the same set of Translation Memory and CAT tools to speed up all tasks and reduce project costs by eliminating license and upgrade fees,
  • speed up your workflow and save money by using:
    fuzzy matches,
    internal fuzzy matches,
    contextual matching,
    terminology management and other Argos TMS features,
  • have 24/7 worldwide access to all your projects, files and TMs

Your Savings

Argos TMS was designed to help you organize your translation projects. But, its most important features reduce your translation project costs by upwards of 30% compared to traditional CAT tools. Login to register, or contact us to learn how Argos TMS can help you save money and improve project management & turnaround times.

Is Argos TMS suitable for your translation projects?

Argos TMS was developed to help clients manage their large and repetitive translation projects effortlessly and improve communication with all resources while reducing project costs.  
If your translation projects require management of multiple files and staff on a daily basis, then Argos TMS will help you do that more efficiently.  

Your Benefits

You will benefit from using Argos TMS if you:  

  • regularly use translation services for large translation projects with Quality oriented workflows
  • maintain Translation Memory databases and use CAT tools
  • wish to reduce your overall translation costs and save money on your CAT tool licenses, TM storage and project administration
  • have a CMS that you would like to connect to our TMS for immediate and automatic translation

To view a full list of Argos TMS benefits, download our FREE Argos TMS guide.

Argos TMS is web-based and follows open-standards, so you don’t need to change your software infrastructure nor buy any additional tools. Just log-in, upload your files and control all tasks with a click of a mouse.

To start using Argos TMS for your projects, contact us today!