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Automotive Translations

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As car manufacturers world-wide struggle to increase sales, Argos' automotive translation services can help you reach millions of consumers around the world.

If your company is rolling out a new project, platform, vehicle, campaign or service, then contact Argos and find out how automotive translations can make your product launch a success.

When targeting consumers in different countries, you can be confident that Argos' automotive translations will ensure that your materials and documentation are:

carrying your message across all languages to reach your current and potential clients.

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Let Argos put our 15 years of automotive translation experience to work for you. Ask us for a free automotive translation quote today.

Automotive Translations Experience

Argos will translate your:

  • sales (fiscal reports, forecasts, profitability analysis)
  • marketing (market penetration analysis, competitive surveys)
  • communication (internal and external documentation, instructions etc.)
  • advertising campaigns (brochures, magazine, radio, video and online ads)

ensuring consistency across all languages and helping you compete in foreign markets.

Many of the automotive industry’s top players have depended on Argos Translations to accurately adapt their corporate images, messages and products to new markets. Before you launch a new product abroad, consider using Argos' automotive translations to reach new foreign consumers.

Ask us how we can use Translation Memory databases to reduce your translation costs.

Client Relationships

Argos Translations is proud of our long-term client relationships as we understand that harmonic cooperation in the translation industry, as in any industry, is vital to business success.

Because of this client focus, car makers from around the world count on Argos Translations automotive translations, our teams of Project Managers and translators to oversee individual projects and successfully adapt their content into requested languages.

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5 reasons why clients choose Argos Translations?

Argos Translations offers a comprehensive set of CAT tools that can help reduce your overall translation costs, or/and improve translation accuracy and consistency.

  1. Pre-selected and dedicated linguists for every client:
    Only qualified, tested and pre-selected professional technical translators are used, with specific technical translation subject-matter-expertise.
  2. Reduced time-to-market through a standardized approach:
    Argos developed a Quality Assurance process augmented by our technology and tools that adjusts our workflow to offer you greater flexibility in handling your technical translation assignments.
  3. Technical expertise and ISO certified quality:
    Over 15 years of technical translation expertise with projects completed for many of the world's leading corporations. ISO certification specific to the technical industry (incl.: ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003, EN 15038:2006 certification, J2450 compliance)

    Argos Translations offers a comprehensive set of CAT tools that can help reduce your overall translation costs, or/and improve translation accuracy and consistency.
    • Argos TMS
      a complete, web-based translation management system connecting the client to everyone involved on the project. The Argos TMS can improve translation workflows by reducing timely and costly steps. Our TMS can also store client TMs and apply them automatically to all projects to drive down translation costs, and the TMS can connect to the client’s own TMS, and even CMS, for automatic translation of updated content.
    • Argos Tool Box
      filled with applications that help convert CAD files, improve QA, reduce TTX file conversion issues and more. Argos makes our tools available to clients. Please ask us for a complete list of applications and we’ll help you choose the ones to best manage your translation projects.
    • Simplified English (SE) Technical writing
      Argos offers a service enabling you to simplify your english language content, preparing it for current and future translation by using highly repetitive and easily understood terms that can then reduce translation costs typically by 30% or more.
  4. Complete linguistic support (DTP & Localization):
    Argos has the capacity to handle large volume, short-deadline projects requiring DTP, multimedia or Localization support. When submitting your project to Argos, we will assign a dedicated team that will consist of one or two Senior Localization Engineers, along with additional backup engineers to handle any pre/post processing work.
  5. Timeliness and real-time communication:
    Knowing how important your deadlines are, Argos always delivers on time. What is more, we maintain a continual two way, real-time communication with you to ensure that all your requests, adjustments and changes are applied immediately.

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Just as our other clients, you too can trust Argos to deliver your technical translation project with perfect quality, maximum accuracy and always on time.

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