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Document translations

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Document translations remain the backbone of Argos' translation services. With over a decade of translation services experience, Argos Translations has gained an industry-wide reputation as being one of the fastest, most accurate and cost-effective document translation vendors around - put us to use on your project!

Use document translation services to attract new audiences

Document translations produced by Argos Translations allow your company to extend your message in any direction desired helping you reach anyone targeted: client and employee alike. Most importantly, entrusting Argos' translation services with your document translation projects means that you can focus your sight on other relevant business activities that require your continuous attention.

Commercial Documents Translation

Argos Translations has experience that runs the gamut from:

  • letter translations
  • commercial documents translations
  • marketing materials translations
  • legal documents translations

In fact, Argos Translations has completed translation projects for many of the Global 1000 giants. Consequently, Argos Translations long line of global clients and years of high quality document translation experience have slingshot the company to the top of the international translation service providers.

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Eliminate Risk - Improve Communication

With increased globalization of the business world, the need to have your brand messages carried across borders is crucial to accessing new clients and audiences. No company is interested in leaving the expansion of its client base and market entrance to poorly translated documents or materials, inaccurately conveyed company messages or the inadequate adaptation of its product line. Argos Translations understands the intricate role that document translations play in the continuous effort to extend your business offerings to new markets and improve your internal, as well as external, lines of communication.

Trust Argos Translations Quality Document Translations

Argos Translations 1000+ translators (all native speakers in their target language) and a staff of experienced and dedicated Project Managers guarantee complete and accurate adaptation of all your documents, texts and graphics into:

  • FIGS (French, Italian, German and Spanish)
  • all of the Central European Languages
  • all of the Eastern European Languages
  • English, Chinese and Arabic languages

Argos Translations provides every one of our clients with:

  • a dedicated Project Manager and Account Manager
  • a 2-step Quality Assurance check to ensure error-free work
  • unparalleled communication response times
  • flexible and highly skilled Production Teams to help meet your needs

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