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Europe is a significant market for companies that look to expand their business and drive sales. With the bulk of G8 nations coming from Europe, with some of the most dynamic national economies, a large continent-wide and well-off consumer base, some of the world's leading tech, manufacturing and distribution sectors, it is no wonder that companies worldwide use European translation services to penetrate the European market.

Companies wishing to capitalize on the opportunities that the European market offers, count on Argos to deliver European translations services to help their products/services compete with local rivals.

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European Translations - Argos' FIGS capacity:

(FIGS is an abbreviation for the most common languages used in the translation industry)

  • French translations,
  • Italian translations,
  • German translations,
  • Spanish translations and,
  • English Translations (although not part of the abbreviation)

FIGS + English

Argos' European translation experience consists of English to French, English to Italian, English to German and English to Spanish translations, spanning over a decade of completed European translation projects for many of the Global 1000 companies. When searching for a translation company to complete your "English into" projects, count on Argos Translations experience and capacity to handle all such work across a broad range of industries and specializations.

CEE Language Support

While Argos Translations has dedicated much of its focus on providing FIGS support, Argos expanded its portfolio of European translations to offer support for more intricate European languages like the CEE translation group (Central and Eastern European languages) that include:

  • Polish translations
  • Lithuanian translations
  • Latvian translations
  • Estonian translations
  • Russian translations
  • Ukrainian translations
  • Bulgarian translations
  • Czech translations
  • Slovakian translations
  • Slovenian translations
  • Greek translations
  • Croatian translations
  • Romanian translations
  • and more

Scandinavian Languages Support

Lastly, in an effort to provide a complete portfolio of European translations services, Argos dedicated much of its time and resources on increasing our capacity to offer complete Scandinavian languages support including:

  • Norwegian translations
  • Finnish translations
  • Danish translations
  • Swedish translations

An Official EU Translation Vendor

Having passed tests, completed projects for the EU and received certification, Argos Translations is one of the few official EU translation vendors in Europe. Argos Translations title as an official European Union translation vendor further supports Argos Translations directive to provide high quality translations and exceed the European translation industry’s quality standards.

Being recognized for its quality translation services by the directing body of the European Union, Argos Translations has continued to offer language services to a variety of European private businesses and governmental institutions alike.

Years of FIGS and CEE Translations Experience

With over a decade of European translations projects completed, Argos can help you adapt all of your content to successfully penetrate regional European markets. Please look over our projects section to obtain more in–depth information regarding each of the projects that we have completed over the years.

Dedication to client relationships

With a dedicated Project Manager and Account Manager overlooking every assignment, Argos Translations offers a complete and personalized support of your projects ensuring that all of your needs, requirements and deadlines are met.

Request a free translation quote from our Account Managers who will help to answer any of your questions about the languages we support and the services that Argos Translations offers.