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Internship Program

in July of 2006, Argos Translations introduced a new internship program aimed at helping university students obtain valuable professional experience while earning extra income. Currently, Argos Translations internship program is available for the senior class, graduates and alumni of the following faculties:

  • IT and Telecommunications
  • Graphic Design
  • Linguistic Studies
  • Marketing and Management

from any of the accredited Krakow’s Universities.


This is an ongoing year-long internship program that is divided into single two-month internship blocks. Each candidate is allowed to complete one internship block, choosing from the following departments and positions.

Department Internship
DTP DTP Trainee
Sales/Marketing Sales/Marketing Trainee

Argos Translations designed all internships to provide these soon-to-be professionals with the ability to obtain on-the-job experience in various specializations, under the guidance of experienced professionals working at Argos Translations.

Combining professional experience with youthful energy, Argos Translations offers all interns who participate in our internship program the ability to enter the job market with increased confidence, professional experience and well honed skills.

Internship Requirements and deadlines


Internship forms can be submitted by all students who are: currently residing in Krakow, attending accredited Krakow Universities, and are enrolled in the senior, or graduating classes of the following faculties:

  • IT and Telecommunications
  • Graphic Design
  • Linguistic Studies
  • Marketing and Management


From our candidates we expect the ability to effectively communicate in foreign languages; English being a basic requirement, while knowledge of additional languages will be seen as an advantage.

For each of the internship fields chosen, some familiarity, education or background in that field is required.

Lastly, we expect candidates to be determined to learn, motivated to succeed, highly adaptive to their surroundings, and goal oriented.


Argos Translations Internship Program is a year long program, and as such we accept application forms from students on a continuing basis throughout the year.

Selection Process

If you are living/studying in the Krakow region and would like to participate in the Argos Translations internship program, then we encourage you to fill out the following application form and email it back to us at resource@argostranslations.com with a title of your email: INTERNSHIP APPLICATION.

We accept internship forms all year round as our internship program continues throughout the year.

What happens next:

  1. Upon receipt, the form is evaluated and scored
  2. A selected group of candidates with the highest scores is contacted and invited for an interview
  3. At the interview, the candidate is asked to complete a pair of tests/assignments that asses his potential performance
  4. Each of those candidates is scored based on the questions given at the interview, and it’s determined whether s/he is the right fit for the position
  5. After the interview a decision is made, and the top applicant is invited to begin his internship at Argos Translations

Argos Translations selection process takes into account primarily:

  • The candidate’s scores from the tests and questions completed at the interview
  • The candidate’s previous background/familiarity with the chosen internship’s area of specialization.

Internship’s duration

Argos Translations offers a wide range of internships covering a wide spectrum of specializations. All internships last for 2 months, and each candidate can apply to more than one internship as long as his background pre-qualifies him for the position.

If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to fill out the “question form” over at the Q&A section at the internship menu.

Download Form

To apply for an internship at Argos Translations, please download, fill out and return this internship form to us at: resource@argostranslations.com with the title: INTERNSHIP APPLICATION.