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Legal Translations

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What matters most in the legal industry?

The clarity and accuracy of the language being used to advocate one's case.

Accurate Legal Translations

Argos' legal translation services branch understands that no other industry pays as much attention to details of language as the legal industry does. Ensuring that every line of text, idea, argument and even accent is completely understood and correctly translated, is vital in the legal industry.

No other industry understands the importance of having every contract, document and text written as precisely and clearly as possible, regardless of the circumstances. One wrong word or a missed comma, and a contract can be judged useless and procure unnecessary litigation.

Want to have all your legal documentation correctly adapted across multiple languages? Turn to Argos Translations.

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Legal Translation Experience

Many international law firms, legal entities and companies have depended on Argos Translations to produce perfect, precise and correct legal translations. Our clients list ranges from various EU Institutions (Argos Translations is an approved EU translation vendor), to private legal practices and partnered firms, all who depend on Argos Translations to deliver top quality legal translations.

Argos Translations spent vast resources, gained invaluable experience and dedicated a lot of effort to each of our legal translation projects in order to offer the highest quality legal translation services, for an industry where even the smallest mistake can equal unwanted legal action. For an increasingly demanding legal industry, we offer ever the more dependable and quality oriented legal translation services.

5 reasons why clients choose Argos Translations?

  1. Pre-selected and dedicated linguists for every client:
    Only qualified, tested and pre-selected professional translators are used, with specific legal translation subject-matter-expertise.
  2. Reduced time-to-market through a standardized approach:
    Argos developed a Quality Assurance process augmented by our technology and tools that adjusts our workflow to offer you greater flexibility in handling your legal translation assignments.
  3. Legal expertise and ISO certified quality:
    Over 15 years of legal translation expertise with projects completed for many of the world's leading law firms. ISO certification specific to the legal industry (incl.: ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003, EN 15038:2006 certification, J2450 compliance)
  4. Complete linguistic support (DTP & Localization):
    Argos has the capacity to handle large volume, short-deadline projects requiring DTP, multimedia or Localization support. When submitting your project to Argos, we will assign a dedicated team that will consist of one or two Senior Localization Engineers, along with additional backup engineers to handle any pre/post processing work.
  5. Timeliness and real-time communication:
    Knowing how important your deadlines are, Argos always delivers on time. What is more, we maintain a continual two way, real-time communication with you to ensure that all your requests, adjustments and changes are applied immediately.

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Just as our other clients, you too can trust Argos to deliver your legal translation project with perfect quality, maximum accuracy and always on time.

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