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Linguistic services

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Are you looking to reduce your translation costs? Or, maybe you're interested in optimizing your content to increase repetitions across multiple languages and reduce translation work?

If your company is looking to improve the way you handle your translation projects, take a look at Argos' Linguistic Services portfolio.

Through over 15 years of translation industry expertise across large volume, technically complex and demanding projects, Argos possess unique specialist experience & know-how that we put to use for our clients. Our expert trainers and staff offer instructions and guidance across all aspects of your language projects from pre-production to post-processing and publication.

Argos' full range of supporting Linguistic Services, technical expertise and specifically designed automation tools can help your company:

  • reduce translation costs by over 30% or more
  • improve translation consistency
  • eliminate content rework, storage or revisions problems
  • prepare and optimize your content for future translations
  • improve your technical writing processes to reduce future translation rework
  • design your software for multilingual use during initial planning phases, to eliminate costly production delays prior to publication

Argos' linguistic services are aimed to help companies prepare their documentation, content and software for multilingual use ahead of the translation process, thereby reducing extra translation rework costs at later stages of the development cycle.

Companies that plan to roll out their products/services across foreign markets and produce large volumes of technical or marketing content that needs to be regularly updated and translated will find great value in Argos' Linguistic services offering that includes:

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