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LQA (Lisa QA)


What sets Argos Translations apart from the competition is our strict quality focus that combines multiple quality metrics into a single Quality Management System. Argos' QMS measures all quality assurance processes, storing the results for future reference and traceability enabling Argos to monitor and use statistical data for feedback and quality control.

Argos' QA manager can examine areas requiring improvement while the system showcases the results of changes that were implemented in the past. Within this systematic approach, Argos also incorporated Six Sigma principles whereby errors are categorized, weighted and analyzed to determine their standard deviation and any corrective actions that need to be taken.

Being determined to offer exceptional quality translation services to our clients and combining all quality measures under one Quality Management System, Argos was able to design unique workflows that enable us to deliver error-free translations for all your projects.

Managed Workflows
Controlled Documentation
  • Documented Procedures
  • Work Instructions


Measurement and Analysis
  • Quality Metrics
  • ASTMIS & ISO 13485 certified
  • Internal Quality Audits
  • External Surveillance Audits
Continuous Improvement


Lisa QA Translation process

Argos' Quality Assurance process is modeled after the Lisa QA standard. To ensure maximum translation accuracy and consistency, Argos enforces and follows a standardized LQA process that checks multiple translation elements, including:

  1. Spelling (detectable and undetectable)
  2. Missing/redundant translation
  3. Instructions ignored
  4. Linguistic inaccuracy (both serious and minor errors)
  5. Internal inconsistency (both serious and minor errors)
  6. Categorized according to Argos’ hybrid model (Lisa + J2450 + FF) and in compliance  with:
  7. EN 980:2008 Medical Devices Directive
  8. ISO 15223-2:2010 standard (for appropriate use of symbols)

All points are checked against a 1-5 grading scale to objectively measure quality and eliminate subjective discussions about preferential changes.

Our LQA process has multiple controls in place that guarantee traceability and measurability ensuring that you will always receive error-free work.

LQA Process Controls

  • Performed by a linguistic specialist
  • Small pool to ensure consistency
  • 100% sample check process after revision:
    - Verifies quality of translated projects
    - Measures resource performance
    - Identifies areas for improvement & rework

The outcome of the LQA check determines if a project „passes” or „fails”. If the translation is shown to be error-free, it is flagged as "passing" and the project is sent to the next step in the translation process.

If the LQA check uncovers translation errors, then the project is marked as "failing" and both the translation and LQA report are sent back to a proofreader for rework & review

Hybrid Quality Model

By following a combined Quality Assurance process that incorporates:

you can be sure that translation projects completed and delivered by Argos will meet not only your quality expectations, but also the strictest international quality standards currently in place.

To find out more about Argos' Quality Management System, read about Argos' approach to translation projects.

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