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When you send work to Argos Translations, you are instantly assigned a dedicated Project Manager and Account Manager to overlook the completion of your project.

Through our PMs and AMs you will be able to:

  • track the project’s progress
  • receive up-to-the-minute information about the status of the project
  • immediately communicate to them any changes and adjustments needed to be made
  • benefit from a backing of experienced specialists who will support the project ensuring its completion date will be on schedule and budget

Don’t let your project’s deadline slip!

Contact our Account Managers and have them look over your project today, and begin implementing a free project workflow specific to your needs.

Project Workflow

Every project that Argos Translations completes goes through multiple QA checks and various stages. The general project workflow structure tends to follow these steps:

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Step 1

The client submits files to Argos with instructions.

Step 2

Content examined and exact requirements (where necessary) clarified with the client. Where appropriate and necessary reference materials are requested and potential issues identified prior to project commencement.

Step 3

Project Manager undertakes appropriate planning and formulates a timeline for the various stages of project completion.

Step 4

Project Manager selects appropriate resources. File is delivered to translator with instructions and reference material. Simultaneously, proofreading and QA resources are reserved.

Step 5

Files are transferred to translator along with necessary TMs, reference materials, glossaries, style guides, etc. Requirements and deadlines are clarified and confirmed. Translation is always undertaken by a qualified translator with extensive experience in the relevant field.

Step 6

Translation completed and returned to Project Manager.

Step 7

Project and all reference and instructional materials are delivered to the Proofreader. Proofreaders, like translators, are qualified linguists with extensive experience in the relevant field.

Step 8

Project is returned to Project Manager and then transferred to in-house Argos QA specialist.

Step 9

Project Manager coordinates queries and comments between translator, proofreader, QA specialists and client in order to ensure agreement and make sure that all tasks have been performed according to the client's requirements.

Step 10

Localisation takes QA'ed, translated files and performs post-production formatting to ensure that files are correctly re-assembled in the desired format.

Step 11

Before delivery, Project Manager performs a final check of the deliverables against both client and internal requirements before approving re-delivery to the client.

Step 12

File delivered back to client either via FTP, email or client Web-access facilities. The client confirms safe receipt of the file. The file is archived according to the client's specifications.

Bear in mind that each of these stages can be adapted to suit the needs specific to your project.

Argos Translations maintains a flexible process strategy easily adaptable to the demands of other MLVs. Thanks to this flexible approach, our workflow can adjust and place more emphasis on stages important to you, conversely lowering emphasis on stages you deem marginal.

Use Argos Translations’ unique and flexible approach on your next project!

Ask our Account Managers how Argos Translations can adapt to support you on your next translation.