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Argos Translations as an MLV Subcontractor

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Argos Translations is a Multiple Language Vendor catering to other MLVs and translation companies around the globe that are in need of a dependable, cost-effective and punctual contractor.

Why should Argos Translations be your MLV of choice?

Argos Translations completes translations in all languages while specializing in CEE (Central and Eastern European) translations for industries and projects such as:

Complete Portfolio of Translation Services

Argos Translations has the capacity to handle large volumes of your projects regardless if they require extensive translation, localization, DTP or voice over work. Argos Translations has large and specialized Translation, Localization, DTP and Voice Over departments in-house working together to handle all aspects of your project. When you send your project to Argos Translations, you will maintain complete control over the production process without the need to divide the work among different companies or freelancers in distant locales. If you have questions about our volumes or capacity, please don't hesitate to contact our Account Managers.

Flexible Workflow

With a highly specialized staff, over a decade of translation and localization experience, Argos Translations has developed a highly efficient production workflow that is used across all of our projects. Nonetheless, knowing that different clients demand different levels of emphasis at different stages of production, Argos Translations is highly flexible in adapting its workflow to suit the needs of our partners.

Multiple Language Support

Argos Translations has a network of over 1000 tried and tested translators, enabling us to complete projects to/from:

In fact, Eastern European language translations are handled in-house. To learn more about the language that Argos Translations supports, please contact us.

Responsive Production Teams

Argos Translations trains all its staff to be immediately responsive to the needs of their clients. At Argos Translations, no question will go unanswered, no issue will remain unresolved. You will have a dedicated PM and AM overlooking your project, always ready to answer your inquiries and institute your adjustments.

If you are an MLV with a project that requires extra capacity, or languages not supported by your in-house team, do not hesitate to outsource your work to Argos Translations. Contact our Account Managers today and have Argos Translations take care of your project immediately.