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Take advantage of Argos Translationss flexible production teams, multiple languages support and extensive production capabilities when completing your next translation project for a demanding client.

Flexible production teams

Need a subcontractor flexible enough to cater to your client’s every need? Argos Translations understands that clients can have extraordinary demands and so, we developed the capacity to handle a wide range of projects. What is more, Argos Translations production teams adapt to your guidelines in order to complete assignments, leaving you satisfied and your clients happy.

Large Capacity

Take advantage of Argos Translations’ capacity to handle large volumes of work (thus reducing your rework costs) rather than have you send and split the project among freelancers. You can use Argos Translations for projects that require large capacity at tight deadlines.

Complete Service Offering

With a large translation team, specialized localization department, an extensive DTP department, projects overlooked by dedicated PMs and AMs with over 10 years of experience, Argos Translations is ready to support you in any project requiring:

Argos Translationss capacity allows us to take on whole projects, leaving you free to focus on other initiatives.

Wide range of language support

If you need an MLV capable of supporting more than FIGS then turn to Argos Translations. Put to work our network of over 1000 tried and tested freelance translators, a European production office that is manned by an almost 100 in-house staff and Argos Translations' ability to complete language projects from/into:

  • FIGS – French, Italian, German, Spanish and English
  • CEE – Polish, Czech, Russian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Hungarian, Greek, Slovakian, Slovene, and others
  • Asian – Japanese, Chinese (incl. traditional), Korean, and others
  • Arabic – most right to left languages
  • Scandinavian – Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian

Save time

Due to Argos Translations’ skilled production teams and years of experience in completing a wide variety of projects, outsourcing work to Argos can help you save time on translations, review and QA.

Increase Your Profit Margins

Instead of hiring part-time or temporary staff to complete a translation project, outsource your work (at attractive translation rates) to Argos Translations’ experienced and tested linguists. Outsourcing work to a single Eastern European subcontractor saves you time, money and hassle while ensuring a streamlined, quality translation service at a competitive price. Contact our Account Managers to find out how Argos Translations can help you meet your next tight-deadline, delivering translations that abide by your quality expectations and guidelines.