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Argos Translations & PMR have partnered up to offer a unique service to companies interested in entering Eastern European Markets. Argos Translations & PMR provide Translation/Localization and Consulting services that help companies compete globally and ensure products successful entry into foreign markets.

Consulting Services

In order to expand on Argos' translation and localization services and determine which services are appropriate for entering a new market and/or culture, look no further than PMR; a company that offers a wide range of consulting services to businesses interested in expanding into new regions. This partnership creates a comprehensive, one of a kind service portfolio required by any company interested in doing business in foreign markets.

About PMR

PMR is a publishing, consulting and market research company providing information, advice and services to international businesses interested in Central and Eastern Europe. With over thirteen years of experience, high international standards in projects and publications, highly skilled multilingual staff and a wide network of co-operating research companies and market experts, PMR is one of the largest companies of its type in the region.

PMR's key areas of operation include business publications (through PMR Publications), consultancy (through PMR Consulting) and market research (through PMR Research).

PMR Publications - provides reliable market intelligence for business professionals interested in Central and Eastern European countries. Publications by PMR analyse the business climate in the region, in particular in the construction, retail, IT, telecommunications and pharmaceutical sectors. PMR Publications offers both free and paid subscription newsletters, internet news portals, and in-depth reports. PMR also runs popular business information portals about Central and Eastern European countries as well as other emerging markets.

PMR Consulting - provides a wide range of top quality, value for money market intelligence services in over 20 countries of Central and Eastern Europe, and in other developing markets worldwide. The typical consulting projects include: market entry feasibility study, Competitive Intelligence, sourcing, distributor or agent search, consulting at foreign direct investments or Mergers & Acquisitions, legal and economic analysis and help with negotiations or any other business services or support, including quick consulting, that a company might require in order to enter the market or gain reliable information.

PMR Research - is a specialised custom research unit of PMR. It offers a full array of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, providing services such as B2B market research, healthcare market research, customer satisfaction studies, brand awareness and brand image research, distribution and competition studies, segmentation analyses, fieldwork services, online surveys and customised analyses of selected branches of the economy. PMR Research is a member of ESOMAR (European Association of Opinion and Marketing Research Professionals) and EphMRA (European Pharmaceutical Market Research Association).

PMR also runs popular business information portals about Poland and Central and Eastern European countries: Polishmarket.com and Ceemarket.com, as well as sectoral portals dedicated to: retail and FMCG Retailpoland.com, Russiaretail.com and Ceeretail.com, construction industry Ceeconstruction.com, ConstructionPoland.com, ConstructionRussia.com, ConstructionUkraine.com and RynekBudowlany.com, IT and telecommunications markets ITandTelecomPoland.com, ICTRussia.com and CeeITandTelecom.com as well as pharmaceutical and healthcare industry Pharmapoland.com, Ceepharma.com and Chinese market China-business-market.com.


Argos Translations and PMR help to guide your company and products to successfully compete in new markets. If you are looking for a company that will not only localize all of your products, translate all of your messages and documentation but will also help you carve a niche in your target market, then Argos Translations and PMR are your answers.

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