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Quality Assurance Standards

To assure that our translations are of the highest quality, our translators must:

  • pass interviews and rigorous subject–specific language tests
  • be language experts within their language pair, whether that would involve English or any other language supported by Argos
  • work according to the official Argos translation service regulations (with every project sent to a translator, s/he must complete an Argos Translations checklist before the translation is sent back)All of our translations are completed by in–country, native speakers of the target language and reviewed for accuracy and style by a second linguist who also specializes in the subject matter.

2-step Quality Assurance Process

  • Every translation is checked word for word against the original and all changes are reviewed to ensure that the proper terminology is used consistently throughout the entire document
  • Then, Argos performs a final Quality Assurance check by a 3rd linguist to ensure that the translation is error-free

ISO Standards

In order to standardize our quality processes Argos adapted and implemented ISO quality standards receiving ISO 9001:2008 certification. Argos further expanded our quality standards, by introducing an Additional Quality Assurance Check.

QA Tools

Argos Translations uses Translation Memory tools to create project–specific glossaries that aid ALL translators and proofreaders working on a project. TM tools help maintain language consistency across multiple projects and multiple groups of translators. TM tools prevent any discrepancies from occurring during a translation project. After the whole translation process is complete, our QA specialists will double–check and test each and every project before delivering it back to you.

Stress-free translations

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