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An expanding list of Argos Translations articles specifically dealing with the translation industry, translation companies, translation rates, translation quality and multiple other themes - valuable read for those interested in the translation industry.

Medical Devices Companies’ Translation Needs

Our article describing the unique needs that medical device manufacturers face during the translation process. Medical device translations require systematic quality management, traceability, proper product training and subject matter expertise from reliable medical translators. This article discusses at length the most popular roadblocks that most... read more »

Running a Translation Company in Poland

Article discusses various obstacles that entrepreneurs have to face when opening a translation business in eastern Europe. The text showcases some real life examples of problematic situations providing hints on how to overcome roadblocks and gives insight into opportunities that await those who care to set up business in Poland.

Using multi-lingual Google AdWords for Market Entry Services: Cheaper, better and faster ways to have new customers come to you

This article describes how marketers can take advantage of Google to increase sales, leads and website conversion rates. A valuable source of information for all of those who are just getting started with online adword and SEO campaigns, especially across foreign markets. Read on to find out how to use AdWords and how to effectively manage your online... read more »

Translation Prices: Cost of Translation and Localization Services

Only too often a sole element dictates whether a company will translate their materials and documentation or not; price. This white paper closely examines the impact that low prices have on Polish translation services, why translation companies from Central and Eastern Europe have managed to compete so well with their Western European counterparts,... read more »

Polish immigrants’ growing role in British consumer spending

Want to know the effects that immigration from Eastern Europe has on the British economy and the pound sterling? Or, maybe you are interested in learning how to market your product or service to this new base of consumers who have become one of the largest minorities on the isles in less than 18 months time? If so, take a look at Argos Translations’... read more »

Medical Device Market In Poland

Are you thinking of entering Poland and grabbing some of the market share of the CEE region with your new medical device? If so, you should read this white paper to obtain all of the necessary information required to file a license to sell your product in Poland, to learn about which regions of Poland show greatest demand, and what sectors of the pharmaceutical... read more »

Translation Company’s Localization Challenges

If you are an IT manager responsible for localising a product or if you’re just starting out as a localisation manager, we recommend this white paper. You will learn about the basic steps of localizing a project and find out how the translation process differs from the localisation one. This paper will help you prepare for the typical problems that... read more »

How Eastern Europe fits into the European Translation Market

The Polish market is tough to break into but great opportunities exist for those wanting to stretch their business across the Polish borders. Read about the difficulties with the Polish market and opportunities that await. The success of companies competing with each other will ultimately depend on how well they are able to sell to local consumers or... read more »