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With so many professional translation companies around how do you go about choosing the best one to translate your product? Read on to learn more about what to look for when making that decision.

When searching for a professional translation company, choose one that will offer:

  1. Adaptive work-flow

    Argos Translations understands that every client and every project is different. As such, Argos Translations is very flexible in its work-flow for clients. We will place more emphasis on any stage of the translation process you deem necessary, or limit time spent on other stages you find marginal.
  2. Individualized approach to every project

    With an experienced team of Project Managers, Argos Translations can dedicate a separate Project Manager for each client. The PM is responsible for overlooking the assignment from start to finish, serving also as a point of contact between you - the client, and Argos Translations production team.
  3. A defined Quality Assurance process

    Argos Translations ensures high quality, accurate translations over every project. Having drafted a 2-step Quality Assurance process along with an ISO 9001 certified standard, Argos Translations cares about maintaining translation accuracy so that you will never have to worry about a mistranslated line of text in any of your materials.
  4. A full range of translation services to support your project

    When you deliver a language project to Argos Translations you can leave all aspects of the translation, localization, desktop publishing and voice-over work to us. With skilled and specialized departments Argos Translations will complete your project in-full, in-house, saving you time, money and effort in connecting otherwise separated portions of the project back into one.
  5. Exceptional Value

    Argos Translations continually strives to deliver translation services of the highest value for money by constantly improving our processes and procedures without ever compromising high quality standards. Argos Translations invests in new technologies (such as Translation Memory tools) to ensure that your translations will be always accurate, while offsetting the cost to complete the translation. This allows Argos Translations to pass savings back to our clients.

Remember these five points when choosing a translation company. We hope that you will find Argos Translations a good choice when deciding on a translation company to complete your project.

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To ensure that your project is ready for translation, check that:

  1. The source/original documents are clearly written.

    This can ensure the message is carried effectively into another language. Playing on words, jargon and catchy slogans may not have an equivalent in another language and loses its desired effect.
  2. Your document is the final version.

    Any amendments needed once the translation has been completed may result in additional costs.
  3. You can provide supporting materials.

    Items such as a glossary of terms or company literature can ensure the translation is consistent with your company terminology.
  4. The original/source document you send is clear and legible so there are no mis-translations.

    When a translation requires typesetting it is vital that words are not broken in the wrong place or accents missed out, which in turn could result in an incorrect and misleading translation.
  5. You are careful when using a machine based translation program.

    The end result is always a very literal word by word translation that inevitably makes no sense and has inaccurate grammar. Machine translations can be great for getting an idea of what a piece of text says but never use it for documents going into the public domain.

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Note: translation is more of an art than a science. To be able to accurately convey your original meaning, message and idea from one language to another takes persistence, skill and experience. Given the complex nature of language along its various and frequent nuances and ambiguities, it isn't enough to simply translate word for word from one language to another.

Ideas aren't stated in individual words but are conveyed in sentences or paragraphs. A machine can translate a word, but will run into difficulty in accurately conveying the sense of a message that may be crucial to the overall understanding of the text. Translation is an incredibly complex process requiring a deep knowledge of both the source and target languages, specific terminology and subject matter.

Don't risk your project to untested translators or purely to machine translation tools. Quality translations require experienced human input. Argos Translations employs experienced translators, each familiar with the specifics of any industry that Argos Translations supports, to make certain that your messages are expressed clearly and accurately form one language to another.