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Website translation

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With one of the largest and most experienced Localization departments of all leading translation companies, Argos has both the necessary expertise and capacity to handle large and complex website translation projects.

Our Localization experts handle all types of website translation and website localization projects possessing over 15 years of experience in adapting:

  • software applications
  • html, PHP, javascript and flash files
  • open source and proprietary CMS systems
  • multimedia files

Argos regularly completes website translation projects for clients from every industry, while especially supporting large website and intranet translation projects that require adaptation of content into multiple languages.

Professional Website Translation Services

Order website translations from a company possessing vast experience across multiple industries, technology that helps to automate your work and reduce translation costs and ISO 9001 quality processes that ensure all your website translation content is accurately adapted into any language you choose.

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Technology driven website translations

Large corporations have equally robust websites that cater to their wide business offering and an international audience spread across multiple continents. While your website and online content grows, so do you website translation needs and costs.

Argos TMS

Argos offers a fully adaptable Translation Management System capable of connecting to your own CMS for automatic pre-translation of your content regardless of language. By connecting your CMS to automatically translate your source text, Argos TMS helps you greatly reduce your translation costs while speeding up and automating the delivery of translated content. In fact, our system will automatically update and translate every new change of content in your CMS, enabling you to automatically update your multi-language website without any processing delays. 

Your benefits of using Argos TMS for your website translation projects:

  • automatic translations of your source content into all your website language versions
  • reduced translation costs
  • increased automation of all translation processing tasks
  • automatic updating and uploading of translated content into your CMS

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Argos CMS

For clients who do not possess their own Content Management Systems to centralize all their content, Argos offers our advanced Argos CMS. Argos CMS is especially valuable to companies that publish their content online via their websites, intranet, in print or maintain their content in electronic format (booklets, instruction manuals, marketing materials, etc).

By centralizing all texts in a single CMS you are able to make adjustments to the source content in a single central location, while the changes are automatically updated across all materials that are supplied with text from the CMS. Argos CMS helps you dramatically reduce time-consuming processing work (copy/pasting bits of content across multiple materials, manually updating sentences or fragments of text across all versions of your documentation) and increases the speed with which you can publish your content across any medium you choose.

Using Argos CMS is especially valuable for companies publishing their content online, in multiple languages and various formats.

Most importantly, Argos CMS connects with Argos TMS to offer you automatic content translation and website translations. Those translations are then automatically updated across every document that uses the content located in the CMS whether local or online. By using and connecting Argos CMS with Argos TMS, your website translation projects become a set of simple, automated and speedy tasks performed automatically by our system.

Benefits of using Argos CMS for your website translation projects:

  • eliminate manual content updates across multiple documents and materials
  • improve content consistency across all your electronic and online materials
  • automate revision and editing tasks
  • reduce all content processing costs

To find out more about what Argos CMS and Argos TMS has to offer, contact our representatives today.