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Why use Argos Translations? - 5 reasons

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Argos Translations has invested significant resources into constantly monitoring and improving our quality processes, building long lasting relationships with clients and focusing our efforts on customer service - all in an effort to offer you accurate translation services of exceptional quality and value.

1 - Translation Value

As your project needs grow, so does our capacity to support you. Argos is dedicated to:

  • continually expanding our services, so your project is handled by a single company,
  • putting our experience and cross-industry specializations to work for you,
  • introducing cost-saving innovations for your projects,
  • offering true quality translations.

Argos' staff of skilled and qualified translators and our European location allows us to lower operating and fixed costs. This way we can offer attractive translation rates, high quality services and customer service difficult to match by competitors.

2 - Individual Approach

At Argos, you will be supported by a dedicated Project Manager who overlooks all work, assists and communicates with you every step of the way. Our Project Managers have access to all the resources working on your assignment and ensure that your project is managed according to your guidelines.

This individual approach and PM support sets Argos apart from other companies who oftentimes rotate their Project Managers through various accounts. At Argos, our clients are our partners and you receive our full attention.

3 - Resource capacity

Above all, over the years, Argos Translations has invested heavily into recruiting, testing and training linguists. As a result, we draw on over 1000 trained and tested translators (both in-house and freelance) ensuring that your project is handled by a single company rather than being divided among multiple agencies.

Argos Translations team also includes project managers, localization engineers, DTP (desktop publishing) and QA (quality assurance) specialists, all highly experienced and dedicated to their profession. Put our resources and expertise to use across all your linguistic projects.

4 - Languages

No matter what languages your project requires, Argos offers translation services across all European languages, most right to left languages, and Asian languages. With a broad network of tested and qualified translators, Argos Translations can complete projects from/into practically any language you request.

5 - Flexibility

Lastly, choose Argos Translations because of our flexibility. Argos Translations adapts its resources to better fit each and every project ensuring that our translations are always compatible with your requirements.

No matter how demanding your project, how unique the assignment, Argos Translations' experience allows us to bring to the table a high level of expertise and flexibility that improve the efficiency of every project.

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